Festival 2021 cancelled!

Dear friends and disciples of Rory,

again - just like one year ago – we have the sad duty to postpone our little Rory-Festival in Vienna until 2022. We are still facing way too many incalculables in Austria concerning the booking of the venue and the permission to do indoor concerts, apart from the catering trade which is still locked down. Due to the fact that a lot of our friends from all over Europe and also the bands have to do a precise scheduling in order to take part we are convinced of the necessity to give notification of the cancellation at this early stage.

But all the more we are happy to announce a remake of last year’s wonderful “Extended Acoustic Blues and Rock Session” at our gorgeous vineyard “Lindauerhof” in Vienna, and this is far more than a consolation. Last year we had nearly eight hours of pure and fascinating jam sessions under the musical direction of our guitar mastermind Stephan Kutscher, with a wonderful guest appearance of the one and only Ali Ataman. Bet on that, you can be curious about a couple of surprise guests this year (we will be back with more detailed information). We have scheduled the session for September 11, 2021, in terms of overnight stays we will try to give you any support we can. Of course, we reckon on our usual fine-weather-guarantee at the Lindauerhof. We can´t wait to see you all again in Vienna!!! Rory on …

Take care, lots of hugs and love
Alex, Phillippe, Charly & Holger


Date & Locations

September 11 & 12, 2020

Sargfabrik (Evening Sessions)
Goldschlagstraße 169, 1140 Vienna

Lindauerhof (Acoustic Session)
Maurer Lange Gasse 83, 1230 Vienna



Friday, September 11, 18:00 (Sargfabrik)

  • Edi Fenzl Band (AT)
  • Etched In Blue (DE)
  • Vanja Sky (HR)

Saturday, September 12, 12:30 (Lindauerhof - free entry)

  • Acoustic Session with Stephan Kutscher (Kutscher's Blues Band) & Friends at a traditional Viennese wine-bar ("Heuriger")

Saturday, September 12, 18:00 (Sargfabrik)

  • Mark Langan And The Mercenaries (IE)
  • Kugler & Waloschik (DE)
  • Kutscher's Blues Band (AT)

Photo: Frank Schemmann

Vanja Sky (HR)

It all began with the blues that was the inspiration for the musical awakening of a young confectioner from the Croatian coastal town of Umag. After having attended a concert Vanja was obsessed with finding her true destiny in blues and rock. Since then a few years have passed by and she was discovered by the German record label Ruf Records.

Vanja, since then calling herself Vanja Sky, is now matching the stars of the current classic retro rock scene. The highlights of her career so far include working together with artists like Mike Zito and Bernard Allison, both on her debut album "Bad Penny" and on the 2018 Blues Caravan Tour. Moreover, she played festivals in France, Germany and the Netherlands and was support act for UFO and Canned Heat. With her haunting own compositions Vanja Sky bridges the gap between the old guard of the blues traditionalists and the young audience.




Photo: Markus Edelmann

Kutscher's Blues Band (AT)

Kutscher’s Blues Band succeed in blending the rock-spirit of the 1960s and 1970s with sounds that Rage Against The Machine, Muse or Mando Diao are famous for. That’s why the band’s music attracts both fans of the blues-rock genre and lovers of classic-rock and pop-acts. 

Virtuosic guitar riffs go hand in hand with marvellous songwriting and gorgeous lyrics. The band manages to tear down the walls between different genres of music, typical elements of blues-rock mingle with elements of classic-and alternative-rock.




Etched In Blue (DE)

The band was formed as a tribute band in 2007, as an idea of three guys from Saarland/Germany in memory of the departed musician Rory Gallagher. Their repertoire offers, beside songs by Rory Gallagher, amongst others also songs by Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After and Cream. 

Taking into considerations that "covering a song" does not only mean "covering a song" they put 110% of hard work and passion into their music which can be felt at any of their live gigs. 




Kugler & Waloschik (DE)

"Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass & Vocals – reduced to the Maximum!"

When enjoying a concert of Kugler & Waloschik, audiences are again and again totally amazed by their abilities of getting the maximim out of the quite spartan instrumentation: fast-paced roller coaster rides on the fingerboard, pushing rhythms with percussion (and this WITHOUT any percussion!) as well as melodic and fine vocals!

The ”fingerstyle technics” are never emphasized, they are always subordinated to the most important what Kugler & Waloschik produce – their songs!




Photo: Erich Kronsteiner

Edi Fenzl Band (AT)

After fronting the Fenzl Experience Band for 20 years, Edi decided to start a new project, the Edi Fenzl Band which quickly became one of the most popular groups in the Austrian blues-rock scene, with a strong and loyal fan base. In 2014, the band was one of the finalists at the European Blues Challenge in Riga. 

The band has been on a steady rise thorough constant touring throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria and are now hosting their own monthly events in two of the most popular live clubs in Vienna.



Testify (Live)
Back In The Saddle (Official Video)
Freewheelin (Official Video)


Mark Langan And The Mercenaries (IE)

Formed in 2019 the Band made their debut as "Mark Langan And The Mercenaries" at The Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival May 2019. Rory Gallagher's music has been an inspiration to the band members for many years and they pay tribute to the late rock and blues legend regularly covering many of Rory's classics live.

The Band headlined the annual birthday celebration in memory of the late Thin Lizzy front man Phil Lynott in Howth, Co. Dublin, during August 2019, unbeknownst to the organizers. Now, Mark Langan And The Mercenaries look forward to rocking you in Vienna!



Leave This Town (Thin Lizzy Cover)
White Room (Cream Cover)
Strangle Hold (Ted Nugent Cover)