VIEnNA 9.3.’17


Location & Date

Reigen, Hadikgasse 62, 1140 Wien
March 9, 2017, Start: 19.30

How to find Reigen:
Via public transport to Station Hietzing by metro U4, tram-lines 10, 58 and 60 or bus-lines 51A, 56B, 58B and 156B.



Kutscher's Blues Band (AUT)

Committed to bluesrock this trio permanently suprises with a huge variety in its repertoire and freshly composed own songs. If you are a fan of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan und the spirit of the 1960s this trio is definitely the modern answer to your "listening habits".

Black Train (Official Music Video)
N° 1 (Official Music Video)





Etched In Blue (GER)

The band was formed as a tribute band in 2007, as an idea of three guys from Saarland/Germany in memory of the departed musician Rory Gallagher. Their repertoire offers, beside songs by Rory Gallagher, amongst others also songs by Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Ten Years After and Cream. Taking into considerations that "covering a song" does not only mean "covering a song" they put 110% of hard work and passion into their music which can be felt at any of their live gigs. In 2011 they published their first album "Homeless" with five songs written and composed on their own.

Etched In Blue are Nico Kiefer (guitar, vocals), Daniel Strullmeier (bass) and Benedikt Lampel (drums).

Tattoo'd Lady - St. Ingberter Stadtfest





Sinnerboy (UK)

Sinnerboy - from Manchester - have a huge reputation for faithfully recapturing the sound and excitement of a live "Rory Gig". They have played a major role in promoting the revival of Rory's music in the last few years and apart from gigging extensively in Europe, they headlined Rory Gallagher tribute events in Ireland, England, Holland, Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway and the USA.

Sinnerboy will bring out the very best of Rory Gallagher's music with a repertoire that covers every era of the late Rory's career. The Vienna gig will be something really special with the original and best line-up of Barry Barnes, Dave Burns and Steve Richardson. Hard years on the road gave these three guys a telepathic understanding of what each other is doing, and on this great night sparks will fly!

Shadow Play - Ballyshannon 2014
A Million Miles Away - Ballyshannon 2015
Tattoo'd Lady - Ballyshannon 2014





Why a rory gallagher festival in Vienna?

After the early passing away of the legendary Rory Gallagher in 1995 - he was just 47 years old - fan groups have been formed to honor his memory. Since then they are organising Rory Gallagher tribute events all over Europe, especially in Ireland, England, Germany, the Netherlands and France, but also in Scandinavia.

Each year, the biggest one takes place in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland, the place of birth of Rory Gallagher. Around 10.000 fans from more than 30 countries attend this festival year by year.

We, the members of the club Bluesrock Friends being the organisers of the RORY GALLAGHER TRIBUTE FESTIVAL VIENNA 2017, have attended this festival several times and got to know numerous international and Austrian Rory Gallagher fans there. We have been frequently asked why there isn't such an event in Austria, although a large fanbase is longing for a "Rory live experience". So we came up with the idea of presenting a Rory Gallagher tribute concert with different bands (national and international) in Vienna.

The objective of the RORY GALLAGHER TRIBUTE FESTIVAL VIENNA 2017 is to bring together Rory Gallagher fans in Austria, to celebrate the spirit of this musician together for an evening and to create a cultural exchange between Ireland and Austria.